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Chukwuka Otaze

Senator-elect Chukwuka Otaze -Enugu North, is interested in PIB Passage and Jobs. According to him, ''we will expect a BarristerChukwukaOtazerobust participation and involvement in both the plenary and the Oversight and effective representation of Enugu North Senatorial district, I expect as a lawyer with bent on petroleum environmental laws that am going to look into the petroleum industry bill which I have been part and parcel of as a major stakeholder in the industry because I have been involved in the petroleum industry downstream as a business man I am coming forward as one of those people who started the Oil and Gas implementation Committees (OGIP) that gave birth to the petroleum industry bill. I’m going to see the reason why after all this several years the 6th & 7th Assembly have made effort and could not get that bill through. I’m going to help to ensure because I’m a player who is now a lawmaker; so I’m coming with hindsight of an outsider who is now an insider and we are going to make sure we get things done and then in my area, coming from Enugu North, we have Oil deposit in Uzouwani a Local Government Area of Enugu State that borders with Kogi and Anambra States. Those Oil well that are in deposit OPL 915,916.

I’m going to bring my experience as a petroleum and environmental lawyer to see it that aspect of the economy get functional and make sure that my people join the party of Oil producing State in this country and benefit there from so it is part of why I’m here. We talk about the constitutional Amendment, we have made efforts and we have done several false starts. I expect that my being here as a former deputy speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly between 1991-1993 with experience that cut across. I’m going to contribute effectively and see to it that our constitution is effectively Amended because if we do that am going to benefit therefrom because we want the state creation; we want Adada state created; it’s part of the major reason I’m here. As the secretary of that movement, an outsider who is an insider, I’m going to make sure we work very hard to effect the Amendment of the constitution and then benefit from it in terms of creating another state among other states agitating to be created.

I will talk about the youth empowerment because several people are plying the road moving around; people leaving the university without hope of getting anything. It is part of my expectation in the National Assembly that we work with the President who is elected under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who is Nigerian President to look into job creation exercise. We have done a lot in infrastructural development of this country but we want to make sure we make provision in our appropriation laws, the appropriation act going to do something more positive not just talking and rhetoric’s; what I can liken to Motion without Movement. We want something concrete to be done. What is making it difficult for the private sector to take the front seat? It is not the duty of the Government to create Jobs; it is the Private Sector. What has made it impossible for creating a level playing ground so that Private Business men and investors will come into this country and create jobs for the youths so they will have future because if we don’t do that, it will be a time bomb that will take all of us some day.

Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees

Published on: 2015-10-14 00:05:45 Hits : 13654
Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees No filibustering Final list released Screening continues Contrary to expectation today, the Nigerian Senate has cleared all Ministerial nominees with no filibustering. They are Mr. Kayode Fayemi, Chief Audu Ogbeh, Osagie Ehanire, Am...


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