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Ben Bruce

Bayelsa East, says: First of all, we need to reduce the cost of governance. The cost of governance is too high, Federal, benbrucestate, executive etc. we need to do that right away. When people are elected into public positions, they get very arrogant and they become consumers. I pay my taxes as a businessman, and I do not pay taxes so the minister can fly first class and the people who voted me into office live under the tree.

The people in Lagos live under the bridge; the people in the north live under the sun and they voted us into office. My people voted me into office to protect their interest, so I cannot fly first class and the people who elected me live in abject poverty. So those of us that have been entrusted by the votes of the people must ensure we do not consume the resources of the nation, we leave some for them.

My duty is to make sure there is enough money to provide jobs, health care, medical facilities, education, so they could live. When they live we live; when they suffer we die; so my job is to protect the poor not to consume the resources of this country. When we come into office we are going to propose that only the President and Vice president fly first class, Governors, Senators, House of Representatives, Ministers, fly business class, while every other person flies economy. When you go abroad they give you $200 you stay in a hotel.

No minister, no government official should stay in a $4000 hotel while you live in poverty. We pay taxes not to make you so rich that you forget how you got into power, not make you so rich to become arrogant, not to make you so rich that you treat people who elected you into office as beggars.

When you come into office you live a simple life, you don’t wear a million dollar watch, female ministers don’t carry a hundred thousand dollar bags, they are humble, they run a government of humility, that is what we want and that is what I will vote for and should be expected of me as a senator. I am not a glutton and I am not here to consume the resources of the nation.

Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees

Published on: 2015-10-14 00:05:45 Hits : 13655
Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees No filibustering Final list released Screening continues Contrary to expectation today, the Nigerian Senate has cleared all Ministerial nominees with no filibustering. They are Mr. Kayode Fayemi, Chief Audu Ogbeh, Osagie Ehanire, Am...


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