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Ikemba Atan Nneji Achonu

Imo North , says: I already had started before coming to the Senate trying to make sure there are amendments to the achonuikembaConstitution that will establish proper democracy and rule of law in this country. For example, the financial autonomy that the senate is enjoying today they started fighting for it long time ago, but I am of the opinion that without financial autonomy for local governments, National Assembly does not have any financial autonomy because it is only a mere piece of people.

What gives governors the powers they have is because they control the resources of local governments and state assemblies thereby controlling their votes as delegates in all the party congresses so when they do that, they also in turn control the members of the National Assembly. They determine who goes to the senate, House of Representatives and who doesn’t. So until we have that we do not have a true democracy.

So these are some of the things I wish to achieve and there are a lot more. It is a shame that a country like Nigeria since oloibiri, is still importing petroleum products, squandering billions of Dollars on subsidy payment that could create hundreds of thousands of jobs. These are some of the issues and there are so many other issues.

How can Nigeria, a country that has almost all the mineral resources have so much unemployment rate? It doesn’t make any sense. There is so much I intend to achieve with the help of my distinguished colleagues in the senate and members of the House of Representatives in partnership with all of us; I think a new Nigeria is coming.’

Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees

Published on: 2015-10-14 00:05:45 Hits : 13661
Senate Clears Ministerial Nominees No filibustering Final list released Screening continues Contrary to expectation today, the Nigerian Senate has cleared all Ministerial nominees with no filibustering. They are Mr. Kayode Fayemi, Chief Audu Ogbeh, Osagie Ehanire, Am...


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