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Bala ibn’Allah

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Senator-elect Kebbi South Senatorial District (APC):

"I think the Agenda will be to reposition our democracy to conform to the changing times and what do I mean? Certain things that we have overlooked that brought us to where we are, we now have to look at them again and find out what was it that we were doing wrong and what is it that we are supposed to do to reposition our democracy in such a way that it will meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians which has been reflected in the last election, of course you would see that if things were working the way they webalaibnnallare supposed to be working we would not have had a radical departure from what we had in the last Presidential and National Assembly election.

Now one of those areas I have mentioned is a situation where out of party loyalty an act of disregard for the main duties of parliamentarians, we decided that people who are Senators before or who are loyal party member who are nominated as ministers we will not dig into their past what we do is to ask them to take a bow and go and only to turn back and become the cancer that will run down government in power, so this time around I think just like what we had in the U.S Lady Clinton was a Senator in the Senate of the United State of America but when she was appointed Secretary of State you saw what her Colleagues did to her to ensure that what the public wants is what is been fed into it, this is the kind of departure you should expect from the 8th Senate as far as we are concerned."